Game Regulations

All games will be three periods of 20 minutes running time each, with a 3 minute break in between. If the game is within 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd, the remainder of the game will be stop time. If the score is tied after regulation play, a 5 player penalty shootout will occur. All games will be officiated by two referees. All games will be 5 on 5 plus a goalie on each side. Play will begin with a face off in the center to begin a game and after each goal. Face offs also may occur in the neutral zone or in a team's zone based on where the stoppage occurred and why the play was stopped. But will be on the nearest faceoff dot to the stoppage. Substitutions can either be made on the fly or during a play stoppage (be aware of too many men with on the fly substitutions – if a player on the team making the change touches the puck while there are more than 5 players on? too many men). Physical contact should be minimal, as penalties will be strictly enforced. A goal shall be scored when the entire puck crosses the back edge of the goal line. Up to two assists may be recorded by the scorekeeper. If a team scores while on the power play it will nullify their opponent's minor penalty. A player will be awarded a penalty shot if a penalty is committed against him during a clear breakaway.

Penalty Infractions

Penalty Infractions are generally 3 minutes, but may be longer based on the violation. Major penalties (5 minutes) and game misconducts can be given out an anytime for unsportsmanlike conduct or dangerous play.

Note that the league will enforce the rule where if a punch is thrown or "questionable" contact after the whistle (pushing, stick work, etc.) and the players involved will be out of the remainder of that game with the incident to be sent to the disciplinary committee for further action. See Major penalties below.

Also, any chirping and disrespectful comments to the referees before, during or after the play may result in a misconduct penalty and possible expulsion from the game and further action from the disciplinary committee. CONSIDER THIS THE ONE AND ONLY WARNING!!!


Too Many Men = *More than 5 players plus a goalie on the floor at any given time and the puck is touched by that team.
Tripping = *When a player uses his stick or any part of his body to trip an opponent.
High Sticking = *When a player has their stick above their waist at ANY TIME during the game whether or not he has the puck (eg: backswing, follow through, calling for pass etc.). Accidental contact with a high stick. Drawing blood will constitute as a double minor penalty.
Cross Checking = *When a player uses their stick to check an opponent.
Body Checking = * When a player uses his body to knock over or hit his opponent.
Holding = * When a player holds on or grabs onto an opponent.
Holding the Stick = * When a player holds on or grabs onto an opponent's stick.
Hooking = * When a player uses their stick to clutch or grab an opponent's body.
Delay of game =When the ball is cleared over the fenced(western) side of the rink from a defensive end .
Goalie Interference = * When a player interferes with their opponent's goalie or makes contact with them while they are in their crease (extends to approx 1 ft. from either side of the goal post and 1.82 m (6ft) from the center goal line. These points shall be joined by a curved line to form the goal crease area). Goalie interference does not occur when the defense pushes the offender into the goalie.
Interference = * When a player tries to obstruct or block another player by moving with them when that opponent does not have the puck.
Slashing = * When a player uses their stick to contact their opponent's body, including spearing, butt ending etc.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct = * When a player uses profanity, inappropriate language or inappropriate conduct towards their opponents and, or the official(s).
Throwing the Stick = * When a player intentionally throws their stick.
Kneeing = * When a player uses his knee to contact or trip up an opponent.
Elbowing = * When a player uses his elbow to contact an opponent.

MAJOR PENALTIES (5 Minute and a Game Misconduct)

Intent to Injure = * Any intent to injure an opponent via body checking, cross checking, high sticking and absolutely anything dangerous and made with clear intent.
Charging = * When a player intentionally comes towards another player with intent to knock them over or body check them.
Boarding = * When a player body checks another player into the gym wall or boards.
Roughing = * When a player uses aggressive or violent behaviour towards an opponent.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct * executes a dangerous play, engages in a violent behaviour, intent to injure etc.

Game Violations

Hand pass = * When a player passes the puck to his teammate using his hands.
Kicking the puck in = * When a player uses a kicking motion to score a goal.
Illegal stick = * When a player tries to use a stick that is not permitted (results in game misconduct).
Puck out of bounds = * When a puck gets stuck behind a team's bench or in another part of the gym, a face off in that zone will occur.
Falling on puck in crease = * When a player intentionally covers the puck in the crease, a penalty shot will be awarded.

Offsides = * "Floating Blue Line" Rule: Once the ball crosses the attacking blue line and it is not off-side, then the blue line is eliminated and the attacking zone becomes the area from the centre red line in (the blue line "floats" onto the center red line). If the ball was propelled back into the neutral zone, then the blue line "returns" and encompasses the attacking zone again.

Icing = *Should any player of a team, equal or superior in numerical strength to the opposing team, shoot the ball from behind his own blue line beyond the goal line of the opposing team, and if such a ball is touched by a defending player first, except the goalkeeper, play shall be stopped and the ball faced-off at the end face-off spot of the offending team. If, in the opinion of the Referee, a player of the defending team clearly passed the ball to a player of the same team but the pass was not completed, the "flooring the ball" rule shall not apply. The other rules identical to the ice-hockey ones.